• We've taken two cars to Gary and Curley and Reds, one after an accident and 1 for some basic upgraded body work. On both accounts the entire team was professional and communicated well. Their work on both accounts was outstanding and without hesitation, we would return. An A+ all around, thank you!

    David O.
  • I had the bad fortune of running off the curb this morning when trying to turn around to go home instead of waiting in the bad traffic. However, I had the good fortune of this happening right in front of Curly & Red's. Jose was efficient, kind, and a thoughtful. He had me up and running in less than an hour and used extreme caution when getting my car out off its' unfortunate predicament. I was truly amazed at the logic and sense he used in handling my car in a way that would not cause any further damage. He is a master in his craft. Thank you for being my hero today! You are a good man. My kids thought you were pretty cool too. 🙂

    Amy W.
  • My son had the misfortune of getting his car stuck in a massive ravine at the coast that was created during one of our torrential storms this winter. Curley and Reds towed him out of the ravine. I could tell that this was a quality shop from the professional manner of the driver so I decided to have them do the work. They even offered to have it towed to a shop closer to my house but I felt this was the best place. A good choice because when the insurance adjuster came he wanted to total the car. Gary and Jose went to bat for us as I battled the insurance company on my end. They did everything possible to get the car back in top-notch shape. Gary made sure everything was replaced and working properly. He told me to check back in after it had the car a couple days to make sure everything was right. Came back a week later and he replaced the horn. I can't thank them enough or recommend another shop in the area as high as this shop! Car is running better than before.

    Ray D.
  • They just did a beautiful job repairing the paint on my car (some jerk decided to key it). The staff was super friendly!

    Leigh B.
  • What a great experience! After running into a large boulder and totally damaging my fender, I dropped off my car at Curley & Red's on an early Monday morning. Oscar was very helpful and had my Hertz car already in the lot, along with my completed AAA paperwork. I was able to hop in the rental car and get to work almost at my regular time. Three days later, my car was ready and it looked great (actually hasn't looked that good since it was new). My car also had been vacuumed and washed. I was touched, because I found a small vial of paint in one of the cup holders - I was sure this was the result of a conversation I'd had with Oscar on Monday about how I wanted to cover some scratches on my back fender, but hadn't had a chance to pick up the paint at a dealer. What a guy! I really recommend this place if you need to have some body work done.

    Roberta K.
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